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Hogan Rebel Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 Women’s Sneakers

Designer Shoes

The high-street Italian fashion label Hogan reveals the new Hogan Rebel Women’s Shoes Collection for Autumn/Winter 2015-2016. From urban-inspired casual glam sneakers and high-top sneakers, sporty chic trainers to the effortless yet classy slipper shoes in lively modern tones, themust-have footwear of the season are embellished with charming sequins, edgy signature monogram appliqué and unique vintage-effect leather detailing.

Hogan Rebel Women’s Sneakers Fall/Winter 2015-2016

To update the girl’s footwear collection of the moment, the latest arrivals Hogan Rebel Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Shoes catalogs brings several lines of must-haves low or high-top sneakers, trainers and flats defined by sporty chic accent and urban allure with the presence of glam rock mood at the same time for modern woman with energetic active spirit. Vintage effect leather, sparkling sequins, refined monogram appliqué, signature prints, fabulous tweed insert, innovative color-blocking style and other unconventional detailing are unmistakably perfect elements featured on the newest Hogan Rebel shoes to complete statement attitude in every occasion. Let’s find out here in Fashionbashon the appealing shoes of the brand with the price list, breathtaking styles, options and details.

Hogan Rebel High-Top Sneakers FW 2015-2016

Hogan Rebel Women's R182 High-Top Sneakers in suede with glitter leather


Hogan Rebel Women's R182 High-Top Sneakers in suede with tweed panel

Hogan Rebel Women's R182 High-Top Sneakers in vintage effect split leather

Total edgy vibe for women with a touch of glamour accent for unconventional original yet urban street style, the most loved brand Hogan Autumn-Winter 2015/16 collection comes up with several cutting-edge high-top sneakers collection. For women, you cannot miss the enchanting detail applied on the R182 Sneakers. These fashionable shoes are available in various models for a total distinctive mood, you can choose the sneakers crafted in navy blue smooth suede mixed with leather with sparkling glitter appliqué and black patent leather closure (€ 310). As alternative, Hogan Rebel also offers high-top Sneakers R182 in black suede featuring colorful tweed insert (€ 310) while the vintage-effect split leather sneakers (€ 335) are also among superb shoes featuring signature Hogan monogram logo on the sides enriched with sporty high-top design and lace-up detail for effortless casual attitude.

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Hogan Rebel Sporty Trainers AW 2015-2016

Hogan Rebel Women's R261 Sporty Trainers in color-blocked suede with lurex

Hogan Rebel Women's R261 Sporty Trainers in multicolored suede & tech fabric

Hogan Rebel Women's R261 Sporty Trainers in navy suede with glitter applique

The Italian footwear label also presents classic Sneakers R261, sporty chic suede trainers available in three color options. These active shoes are crafted from smooth suede and high-tech fabrics with combination of lurex, tweed, metallic leather inserts featuring trendy color-blocking styles; a mix of black, grey, red, orange, white, silver, beige, blue and other vibrant tones (€ 295). As another option the R261 trainers also available in navy blue suede enriched with charming glitter detail, haircalf and patent leather insert with lightweight rubber outsoles in black and white (€ 330), flawlessly cool energetic shoes dedicated to active women.

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Hogan Rebel Stylish Slip-On Shoes FW 2015-2016

Hogan Rebel Women's R141 Flat Shoes with tweed insert

Hogan Rebel Women's R141 Slip-ons in animalier print calfhair

Hogan Rebel Women's R141 Slippers with glitter leather detail

The newest lines of Hogan Rebel collection also bring effortless chic slippers – Sneakers R141. These fabulous slip-ons are crafted from luxe suede with patent leather trim, available in three choices of styles you can choose between the tweed panel (€ 250), animalier print calf hair panel (€ 265) and the sparkling glitter leather panel (€ 250). The R141 Slip-ons are featuring elasticized detail on the sides, perfectly statement footwear for glamour attitude with skater-inspired vibe.

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Those are among the breathtaking footwear of the new arrivals Hogan Rebel collection we share here at Devoted to refresh ladies’ fall/winter 2015-2016 shoes wardrobe, find out more seductive high-top sneakers, slip-ons, and sporty trainers in various styles and colors options with charming details to complete a distinctive casual, glam and urban everyday attitude.

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MFW Spring 2016 Street Fashion Inspiration


We’ve already covered the New York Fashion Week spring 2016 street style and theLondon Fashion Week coolest street fashion moments. Now we are on to the street looks of the Milan Fashion Week, where the trendiest ladies of all rule off the runway. Whereas the other fashion week streets were full of more relaxed, comfortable and a bit more casual styles, in Milan, the idea was to look more on the professional side it appears. Half a month of fashion has already gone by and we cannot help but stay wowed by it all, all those incredible pieces floating onto the runway. Sometimes they simply did not do their designers or House brands justice, but mostly, we have been faced with a barrage of magnificent talent that is hard to forget anytime soon. It will leave us satisfied until the next batch of Fashion Weeks, this time pointing us in the fall and winter 2016 direction. Nevertheless, we are here now to discuss the coolest Milan Fashion Week spring 2016 street style moments that can serve as a big dose of inspiration for building up day-to-day and special occasion outfits.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

While the first day of the Fashion Week runway shows was rainy, we were still very much bombarded with displays of incredible fashion sense. The following day that changed a bit as the more daring, or confused, ladies appeared in bare shoulders, side by side with those in coats, in sandals compared to those in patent leather boots. This confusion in style would continue throughout the week, though it appears Milan has warmed up as more and more street styles are reflecting the sleeveless or lightweight tops and dresses instead of being swaddled in heavier coats.

On the streets, we have seen some incredible pieces, from gorgeous midi length ruffle hemmed black dresses with little girls matching in style (because apparently this is the perfect mother-daughter event) to laser cut floral designed midis that put the spring fashions to shame. We see patterns like houndstooth and leopard stripes and florals, and more than one person was spotted in a Dolce & Gabbana outfit from the FW 2015 collection shown off months back. Cropped tops and fitted denim make for a common theme on the more casual of days, while it is expected that we are going to have a whole ‘70s theme going on. Leather appears on the streets alongside softer looking materials, with suede and cashmere looking awesome beside the corded knits and furry ensembles. A few plunging necklines, a few polka dotted skirts, a touch of alligator print and a whole lot of transparency later, we know we’ve seen some of the better street styles for the SS 2016 Fashion Weeks yet.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

In terms of accessories, we really have to outline those handbags, as we see fur accents on boxy, cherub picture frame versions with small handles to those with big kissing lips adorning the face of it. We see blue fur stoles over the shoulders and rounded bowler or felted floppy hats. And have you noticed the watches? It appears that for the wrist jewelry, we are looking at larger and rounder faced watches with metal bands, a very classic style that fits right in with the rest of the looks.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style

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It rattled the fashion industry. PETA showed everyone in the fashion fraternity that not only would they shut out mink stoles and fur coats, but you stick to your words when you promise innocent creatures to see them later, or in a while. Alligator and crocodile farms are patent in the glam industry, but when they meet certain international standards of slaughter (well, you enjoy a meat stew prepared from bleating goats in a slaughter home, don’t you!).

Anyway, if you had been following our trail, you would remember how they got Birkin fans to literally eat their $300,000 arm-candy and how the namesake lashed out at her friends Hermés to stop using her name on their products till they had cleared this ‘bloody’ mess? Well, PETA is not stepping down their march. In order to make sure the dudes at Hermés takes them seriously and end its sale of exotic animal skins. They ought one share so that they can attend the company’s annual meetings and raise any question of doubt.


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Chaumet Hortensia Fine Jewellery Collection

Other Brands

chaumet_hortensia_fine-jewelllery-collectionIf there’s one thing I know about most women, it’s their inability to resist anything that has to do with flowers and jewellery, and in the case of the Chaumet’s Hortensia Fine Jewellery collection it’s a double-dose of just that, flowers and jewellery.

Choosing to focus on the hydrangea, the pieces from the Hortensia Fine Jewellerycollection are a celebration of everything lush, from its powder-pink hues in the opal to the marquise-cut pink tourmalines, along with brilliant-cut pink sapphires set against a bloom of brilliant-cut diamonds. In other words, it’s quite literally a garden you’ll be wearing, and depending on which pieces you love the most, they come in a variety of styles, from a beautifully-delicate tiara to an intensely-adorned ring that will be a joy to wear on your finger.

Not to be confused with the Hortensia rings in precious golds which I covered previously on this blog, these baubles, each an heirloom-worthy piece that is meant to be passed down, start from the tens of thousands as far as their prices are concerned, with the ring starting off at some SGD43,000 all the way to SGD67,300 for the above-mentioned tiara.

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Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – Milan Fashion Week


With the way Moschino’s spring/summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection (designed by Jeremy Scott) started, there was no way to prepare yourself for the larger than life garments that the brand sent down the runway, unless you were there yourself. The first part of the collection gave a free-spirited vibe, but in a dialed down way. It made me question if the brand had decided to tone down their looks for the new season. There was a distinct “construction zone” theme paired with retro silhouettes, but it wasn’t too glaring. The first looks were designed on a reflective yellow fabric, and others that seemed to mimic the pattern of traffic cones.

Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The first sense of Moschino’s classic novelty was with the use of actual traffic cones. Being featured first as a handbag and later as a hat, these pieces really pulled the looks together in a way more suited to the design house.

The final piece that came before the “novelty explosion” was a classic, knee-length beige trench coat with an A-line bottom. This was my personal favorite commercial piece, because I can see any number of women dying to own that coat, with myself included. It did, however, seem out of place in the collection. The pieces before it were vibrant in color and (literally) reflected the construction theme, and the pieces after it were a combined eruption of colors and literal elements of roadwork, used in an unconventional way. It seemed to act as a calm before the couture-storm, and it really amplified the element of surprise for the audience.

Even despite the extravagant couture, Moschino really stepped up and made some simple feminine, retro-inspired pieces, like a boat-necked shift dress made from a fabric much like the reflective orange fencing put up at construction sites. The look was finished off with a simple black bow tied at the model’s waist. I’d like to dub this ensemble true construction chic, as it celebrated both the abstract theme of the show and a beautiful shape that could actually be pulled off worn on a daily basis.

Jeremy Scott definitely put on a unique, off the wall show, and I for one will admit that it’s refreshing to see a show that’s all about fun, while showing an excellent quality of work and even producing some beautiful and wearable garments for the everyday woman. But above everything else, I’ve never seen caution tape look so good.

Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The designer didn’t just stop at road construction, however. In the second half of the Moschino spring 2016 show, he switched gears and brought in comic books and the Powerpuff Girls. Suddenly you’re bombarded by a slew of bright colors and animation. But he also added cleaning products into the mix, directly afterward, and suddenly there were bubbles everywhere. They first appeared with a “squeaky-clean” light blue dress with a halter neck and large bow on the hip, and they stayed for the remainder of the show. The runway show ended with a finale of duster and mop inspired dresses to accompany the bubbles – just like at a car wash – and they were absolutely incredible (which is something I never thought I would hear myself say).

Moschino definitely lived up to their reputation this season, and presented a truly incredible, eccentric collection pulled from the most unconventional places in the world.

Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Moschino Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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