Shopping Around the World: The Search for Gold

2016-6-28 fashion Jewelry & Watches

Shopping Around the WorldLondon designers (clockwise from top left): Francesca Grima, Shaun Leane, Solange Azagury-Partridge, Francesa Grima

You can buy travel guides if you want to sightsee, but when it comes to shopping, you’re generally out of luck. New stores and markets crop up too often for a book to stay relevant, which is exactly why LoveGold has curated a website’s worth of guides about all the latest – and also the most established and renowned – places you can shop for real high carat gold jewelry. New YorkLondonParis, the new Copenhagen guide that launched this week…there are ten cities to choose from with even more to come. Shopping is a global pastime for me, as well. Some of my most beloved pieces come from vendors you won’t hear much about, and that’s why I love that these guides let you search for retailers in different categories – must-sees, eclectic, vintage…even wedding (in case you or your partner feel inspired by a romantic trip and want to take a big leap!).

Forget kitschy souvenirs. When you go on vacation, pick up a gold jewel from a local designer to commemorate your visit and find some for your family and friends back home. Lesser-known boutiques and independent designers are the most likely to have well-priced pieces that you can afford to buy a few of, not to mention the jewels are often more charming and out-of-the-box than the ones you’ll find in department stores. If you’re going all the way around the world, you might as well return with something you can’t find in your own city!

Shopping Around the World

Shopping Around the World

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