Dauphines of New York Birthday Headbands: Party Favors

2016-7-5 fashion Jewelry & Watches

Dauphines of New York Birthday Headbands

Dauphines of New York always puts out gorgeous, well-priced hair accessories, but when they add the element of personalization, the appeal is even greater. Believe it or not, birthstones have been around since the first century! Mine is good old amethyst, which is faceted beautifully onto the February headband. For a boho look, wear yours over your hair like a headpiece, or go subtler and place it underneath your locks. The elastic backing ensures comfort either way. Snobs born in April might notice theirs is not made with diamonds – that would be a pricey piece! Dauphines used silver pyrite as an alternate, and while the look doesn’t sparkle quite as bright, it’s a very pretty substitute. These are fun, Frugal jewels, after all!

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