'90s Style Icons You Can Be For Halloween With the Stuff Already in Your Closet

2016-8-25 fashion Fashion

You don't have to buy a whole new look just for Halloween. Capitalize on the throwback trend and get inspired by your favorite style icons of the '90s. With little more than a bodysuit, slip dress, and high-waisted jeans, most of these costumes won't require any shopping at all — and if they do, rest assured you can wear the look again, even after Oct. 31. From Cindy Crawford to Drew Barrymore, we've got you covered. Read on to draw inspiration and shop the essentials for nine '90s babes who will forever be our style icons.
Cindy Crawford

What you'll need: A fitted white tee, hoop earrings, cutoffs, and a can of Pepsi

Jennifer Aniston

What you'll need: A floral maxi, white tank, and tinted shades

Posh Spice

What you'll need: A slip dress or tube dress and lace-up heels

Kelly Kapowski

What you'll need: Crop top, floral jeans, Keds, and a scrunchie

Liv Tyler From Empire Records

What you'll need: Plaid mini, cropped sweater, and combat boots

Kate Moss

What you'll need: Slip dress, choker, and ankle-strap heels

Pamela Anderson From Baywatch

What you'll need: A red one piece, beach towel, and a wh

Trya Banks (Got Milk Ad)

What you'll need: White tank, jeans, and a milk mustache

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