Mila Kunis Has Always Dressed Like Jackie From That '70s Show, You Just Never Noticed Until Now

2016-8-27 fashion Fashion

When Mila Kunis stepped out in LA wearing a retro-inspired tunic, we said, "Jackie, is that you?" It was a happy coincidence that the actress's paisley-print dress resembled somethingher character owned on That '70s Show. For fans who don't remember, Jackie wore a similar boho gown on the show to cover up her own baby bump. IRL, Mila gave the maternity dress a modern spin, pairing it with simple Stan Smiths.

This isn't even the first time Mila's channeled '70s vibes with her outfit. We flashed backed to a handful of other times she may have secretly borrowed styling tips from Jackie. Ahead, see photos of Mila as her alter ego, then compare her outfits in reality. Life really does imitate art!

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