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Chanel is taking the O Case to a higher pedestal and mind you, you might not recognize it because it’s more beautiful than before. Introducing Chanel Case O in a studded version, perfect for your nightly getaways with the girls.

We’ve featured the Chanel Le Boy O Case before and fast-forward, we’re seeing it in an improved studded version. Sporting the color gray, and made from studded metallic lambskin & light gold metal, this Chanel case is a win-win for women who wants practicality and elegance combined.

Take this Chanel Studded O Case with you anywhere you go, as it is perfect for holding your valuables and essentials such as your mini perfume, lipstick, and your other go-to make up. And oh! Did we mention that the studs mimic a diamond effect? Reminds us of the diamond quilting effect that we’ve used to love!

Style code: A84006, measuring 7.9’ x 10.8’ x 0.4’ inches, priced at $1450 USD, €1350 euro, £1140 GBP, $2150 SGD, $11300 HKD, $2100 AUD



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Thalé Blanc Bianca Perspex Clutch: Embellish Your Evenings

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Spring’s hottest shade – none other than Pantone color of the year radiant orchid – makes an appearance on a clutch destined for awards season red carpets. The purple hue gives a decidedly more whimsical flair to designer Deborah Sawaf’s signature cheetah than we’ve seen in the past, which seems more than appropriate for a dewy, springtime clutch. Mint green and royal blue are equally tempting, though, especially contrasted against the richest, most luxe tone of gold. Designed exclusively for Luisa via Roma as a limited edition, the perspex treasure comes with a metal shoulder strap, but I would carry it in hand – all the better to show Bianca off! 
Tricked-Out Clutches
It feels great to strike out at night with a flashy clutch; it’s that extra sparkle (literally and figuratively) that makes you feel special – and like a special night is in store. But make sure your awe-inspiring accessory is tasteful. There’s good embellishment like these five, and then there’s the bad, like this little monstrosity.
Clutches can be heavy on the beads, crystals, embroidery, and all-around opulence, but if they’re not executed with elegance, then tacky tends to be the word. No matter how much Marchesa or McQueen adorn their minaudières, you know the result is going to be good. The others of the bunch are a bit iffy, but taking a fashion risk is the fun kind of risk to take.
1. Dolce & Gabbana Ava Crystal-Embellished Satin and Lace Box Clutch: Hello, Rococo! Or is it Baroque? Whatever the era, Dolce nails this crystal-and-lace extravaganza. 
2. Marchesa Lily Embellished Mesh Box Clutch: In the mood for a cool white night? Marchesa brings the ice with their glittering cocktail of crystals and beads, topped with their signature quartz closure. 
3. Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Embellished-Satin Clutch: McQueen’s heavily beaded creation is so beautifully excessive, you barely even notice the trademark element of skulls. 
4. Thalè Blanc Limited-Edition Bianca Perspex Clutch: When it comes to melding fierce jungle animal motifs, a sense of fun, and total sophistication, Thalè Blanc is unsurpassed. This studded number is a serious standout. 
5. Marni Crystal-Embroidered Wristlet Pochette: Count on Marni to embrace unadulterated whimsy. Chunky crystals over washed lambskin speaks of feminine juxtapositions. 

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Reviewing The ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Satchel Bag

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A few years ago, Zac Posen handbags were everywhere. Back when his namesake handbags were shopped at along side the shelves of Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, and Marc Jacobs.Not his current ZAC by Zac Posen contemporary handbag label. Then, what basically felt like overnight, Zac Posen decided to drop the high-end line (and price tag) and focus on the contemporary price range with his diffusion line- called ZAC by Zac Posen.


One bag that recently caught my eye is the ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Mini Bag. The petite version of the Eartha Satchel.The ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Satchel is available in a wide selection of colors, materials, and embellishments. Two of my favorites that are perfect for right now: Sun and Blush.Same styles, just not made with luxe materials.


If neutral tones are more your style, the Blush is the perfect shade to round out your look.

For those who love for their bags to make a statement, the Eartha bag in Sun adds the perfect pop of color.

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Burberry September 2016 Collection: Preview

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Ahead of Burberry’s next show in London on 19 September, the British luxury house has released a preview of the new advertising campaign, shot by famed photographer Mario Testino at Walker Art Gallery. Showcasing Jean Campbell, Alex Dragulele and Cavan McCarthy in a setting inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, Burberry’s next collection will contrast masculine and feminine styles across different periods in history.

Besides showing collections for both men and women on the same runway, Burberry will also be offering the collection to be purchased immediately globally, its first straight-to-consumer initiative which I personally think is exciting. I mean, if I see something I like, I would naturally want to buy it right away. What’s the fun in waiting for up to 6 months, right?


And because I wouldn’t be known as Bagaholicboy if we didn’t focus a little on the bags, you can study both already-released campaign images for some clues on the new pieces. The first image features the Patchwork that’s from the current collection in stores now, but if you look closely, it now comes with (and I’m guessing, exotic leather) ruffles along with a completely reworked sling now made up of shiny links.

Then there’s the new Bridle, which you’ll see on the second image. As far as I can tell, it is a saddle-style shoulder that comes complete with chunky hardware on the sling, gusseted sides in Burberry’s iconic checked fabric and in a size that’s big enough to fit an iPad Mini at least, which would make it a great bag for work or play. Whilst thePatchwork was more fun and ornamental, the Bridle looks set to be most everyone’s function everyday bag come September. What do you think?

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1. I have a seemingly inexhaustible ability to keep shopping for crossbody bags, and had to share another which I’ve been eyeing (super duper eyeing) – this Saint Laurent convertible pouch/crossbody bag. I think this bag is perfect!!

732305_e3_xl (1)

Saint Laurent, $995

I’m always looking for a little pouch/bag which I can stick into a larger tote, for when I need to run after baby but don’t want to lug all my stuff. The closest thing I have is the Chanel wallet on chain, which is fabulous, but the strap is too long and I wish it could just fit a smidgen more.

This Saint Laurent bag basically has it all…the size, the sleek shape (easily tucked into a tote), the tassel detail, and the adjustable strap. This bag is basically like if the Gucci Soho Disco and the Celine Trio had a baby, no? A little pouch sized baby.

I also love that it can easily be converted into a clutch – and one that I’d actually wear out. I really, really, might have to get this one.

2. I had to giggle a little bit (maybe I shouldn’t be) at this article, When Startups Fail, Millennial CEOs Like to Share Feelings, via the WSJ. What do you think? At least their hearts are in the right place.


3. Did you know that The Economist has a new publication (Intelligent Life rebranded) – called 1843, and it’s alifestyle magazine? In their inaugural issue, there’s an interesting article about why Hermes “doesn’t” want to let you buy a Birkin.

4. A fascinating article, (from the always excellent Vanessa Friedman), via The NY Times – What Happened at Oscar de la Renta? Peter Copping, the lead designer, has just left the brand – making him the eighth designer to leave a major house during their first contract in the past year, a staggering number.

5. I was asked for recommendations on the topic of East Germany/The Berlin Wall, so this week I thought I would share a selection I read a few years ago – Stasiland, by Anna Funder.

Stasiland is a collection of stories from those who lived in Communist East Germany during the years that the Stasi (secret police) were operating in force. I’ve always been fascinated about this period, and am always interested in stories that convey what life was like in the era, such as the excellent movie The Lives of Others.

Stasiland is fascinating – the stories and people you meet form a collective glimpse of what life was like living in the surveillance state that was East Germany. Recommended for anyone with an interest in the time period, or non fiction fans in general. I’d compare it to an East German version of Nothing to Envy (though I still have to give preference to the latter).


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Tips For Cleaning a Coach Bag

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Anyone with a Coach purse knows what a valuable accessory it can be. Over time, these purses can build up a layer of dust and dirt that needs to be cleaned away. Using a gentle soap and minimal amount of moisture is key to a successful cleaning. Follow these steps to complete the process quickly, easily and effectively.
Tips For Cleaning a Coach Bag

1. Fill the sink with warm water.
2.  Moisten a soft cloth with the clean, warm water.
3. Rub the cloth on the bar of Ivory soap to apply a small amount of soap to the cloth.
4. Clean the surface of the purse by gently rubbing the surface with the moistened soft cloth.
5. Work in small sections until the entire purse is cleaned.
6. Rinse by wiping with a clean, soft cloth that is moistened with clean water.
7. Allow the purse to dry completely.

8. Do not submerge the purse in water. It is best to use the least amount of water necessary toavoid color bleeding and fading.

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