Goyard Limited Edition Belharra Biarritz Tote Bag

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Goyard has recently opened their newest boutique in Biarritz, France. Biarritz is known for its popular beaches which has been a favorite of European royalty back in the 1800s. The new boutique is located between the Hôtel du Palais and avenue Edouard VII. In celebration of the boutique opening, Goyard has released a limited edition summer tote bag, the Belharra Biarritz Tote. The reversible canvas tote bag is waterproof, perfect to hold beach items. It has leather top handles and features a “Biarritz” marking on the bag. The Belharra Biarritz Tote Bag is exclusively available at Goyard Biarritz store.

Goyard Belharra Biarritz Tote Bag 1

Goyard Belharra Biarritz Tote Bag 2

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NET-A-PORTER Sale: Additional 20% Off Select Items!

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The 4th of July holiday weekend is kicking off today, and to celebrate, NET-A-PORTER is offering an additional 20% off select items with the code SALE20! You can select any old pieces to click into your cart, but I’m going patriotic with some red, white, and blue bags that will be wearable far beyond this weekend’s festivities. Take a look at these and other discounted items on NET-A-PORTER…icon

Stella McCartney Cavendish Small Cutout Faux Leather Toteicon 

Saint Laurent Emmanuelle Medium Leather Bucket Bagicon 

Anya Hindmarch Ebury Maxi Textured-Leather Toteicon 

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Delvaux Brillant 101: Everything You Need To Know About This Bag

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Very few luxury brands today can claim to have been founded even before the country they originated in claimed independence, and Belgian-based Delvaux is one of these rare few. Founded one year before the Belgians declared their independence from the Netherlands, it was established in 1829 by Charles Delvaux in Brussels.

While they might have a boutique right here in Singapore today that’s located on the ground level of Scotts Square, my fascination with the brand started way before that, with both house icons the Brillant and the Tempête being firm favourites of mine.

And because I’ve never done actually done a full post on any on these bags complete with enough information to help you all make an informed decision, here’s my everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-Brillant post, which I hope will also kickstart a new series for the bags that I love the most.

Her Majesty Queen Paola, the former queen of Belgium, visiting the Delvaux atelier in the 1980s. See the bag on the table? That’s probably the Brillant.

Created in 1958 to commemorate Brussels’ hosting of the World Expo, Delvaux worked closely with Paule Goethals, a renowned architect, on the Brillant, which would also explain its clean, graphic lines.

The horseshoe-shaped buckle? That’s just Delvaux’s signature D turned anti-clockwise on a bag that’s made up of 64 individual pieces of leather, still handcrafted by artisans based in both Brussels and Paris, who take about 8 hours on average to complete each piece.

Available in at least 7 different sizes today, the Brillant is also Delvaux’s most high-profile bag, with widths starting from just 8.5 cm (the Brillant Charms, which is more a bag charm/key ring than anything else) to the ‘giant’ of the family, the Brilliant Black Edition that spans 36 cm across by 35 cm in height. In between them you’ll find the sizes more suited for everyday use, the Mini (20 cm by 16 cm), the MM (29 cm by 21.5 cm) and the GM (36 cm by 27.5 cm), with most styles offered with an additional shoulder sling as well, which gives you another option of carrying this bag.

There are also the ‘vertically-challenged’ versions, more wide than tall, and known as the East-West that come in 2 sizes, an East-West Mini Brilliant (28.5 cm by 16 cm) and a regular East-West Brillant (37.5 cm by 19 cm). 

Once you’ve decided on the size, you’ll have to contend with the leathers it comes in, from the box calf to Sellier leathers and exotics that frankly, will please even more the most difficult of patrons. From alligator to lizard and even ostrich exotics, you can even have bags custom made that come in a combination of exotic skins, as long as your heart desires.

Priced from a few hundred for the Brillant Charms to a few thousand for the Brillant Mini, you could just head down to their boutique at Scotts Square for an up-close look at the almost 60-year-old bag that still looks as good (and as relevant today) as it was when it was first created 58 years ago.

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They say that actions speak louder than words but have you ever heard the newest take on it? For bag lovers, this is especially apt and appropriate: Handbags speak louder than words.

You’ve all probably seen how the classic Chanel Quilted Wallet on Chain bag is owning the world that you might have overlooked this one particular bag that is an icon as well. We are talking about Chanel’s Timeless CC Wallet On Chain Bag.

Looks like surprises are careening your way from left to right because we’ve managed to make it easier for you by featuring this Wallet on Chain bag which still exists, and is still alive and kicking.

Wondering why its called the Timeless CC? Well, it’s because it features the beautiful CC logo print at the front flap. This petite leather goody is sporting the classic and exquisite Chanel caviar leather. It unsnaps to a leather interior with several credit card slots, flat pockets and zipper compartment.

A perfect go-to bag for your girly night outs, take this Timeless CC Wallet On Chain wherever you head out for epic and crazy Friday parties.


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Taylor Swift's Favorite Bag Is Actually From Aldo

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If you're looking to get Taylor Swift a gift for her 25th birthday, we're thinking a purse might be a good idea. She's not really a wear-once kind of gal, and judging from the few she keeps in steady rotation, she'd definitely get some good use out of it. But just because she's one of the highest-paid artists in the world doesn't mean you have to break the bank. Case in point: her favorite bag at the moment? A bordeaux-colored, medium-sized satchel from Aldo, which costs a mere $50.

We've definitely spotted her carrying that thing on numerous occasions — leaving her apartment, outside the gym, walking through the airport — and know it pairs well with everything from feminine dresses to jeans and a sweater. But if you're pretty sure Taylor's got enough stuff, just take a look through the gallery for some outfit inspiration, then click to snag one for yourself at the end. The singer may be turning a quarter of a century, but it's the weekend — time to treat yourself.

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Chanel Makes the Most Luxurious Beach Bag and Towel Set Ever

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The very wealthy are both just like us mortals and not like us at all. They’re like us in that they want to have cute stuff to take to the pool with their friends or on their next beach vacation, but they are not like us in that their next terrycloth beach set might be from Chanel.


The beauty of Chanel’s size is that it can afford to manufacture the kind of fun, idiosyncratic, small-audience pieces that would put a financial strain on a smaller brand. That frees Karl Lagerfeld up to get a little bit funny, and he’s done it with everything from ping pong paddles to surf boards, which fashion obsessives are known to use as home decor. In this case, he’s taking his talents to the beach.

The set, which is part of the brand’s Metiers d’Art 2016 Paris in Rome collection and in stores now, will set you back $1,650 for the towel and tote together. The pair are made of cotton terrycloth patterned to look like classic Chanel tweed, and the material and color variation mean that they’d actually make a pretty functional pool set if you wanted to use them for their intended purpose. If you’re gonna drop the money, you’ll probably end up leaving them safe in your fabulous cabana, though.

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