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A Functional and Practical design without sacrificing style, this Louis Vuitton Bosphore Backpack in striking Monogram canvas is a work of wonder for compartment-conscious bag lovers out there.

And if you feel like taking on the city and exploring it on your own in a nonchalant street-smart style, this is the perfect companion to bring around! It comes in a sizable size, which has a generous capacity to hold your essentials and non-essentials as well!

Now let’s hop on to the bag details, shall we? It features a large opening, which you can always adjust to your liking, thus allowing an easy and trouble-free access to your contents. It also has a leather strap in the middle for securing exterior flap.

Taking a look inside, it has two large zipped pockets at the front and has side zippers, which give you effortless access to its rear pocket. You can then easily slip your hand and reach for larger items like documents, papers, and even your portable laptop or iPad. Combining practicality and style, it also has a D-ring for attaching your keys or other accessories.

Measuring 12.2’ x 15’ x 4.3’ inches and is priced $2090 USD, €1470 euro, £1370 GBP, $17300 HKD, $2610 AUD, ¥235440 JPY, ¥16000 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.




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If I have ever said that backpacks are not ‘in’ (trend), then I need to say this: ‘I take my words back’.

It’s here, and there, and even Chanel is joining the party. We are surrounded by backpacks and an increasing number of fashionista’s (also fashion bloggers) were seen, flaunting with their designer backpack like there is no tomorrow.

But to look awesome, you need to pick your style right. A-too-ordinary backpack won’t create the impact you want, you need something bigger and practical, like the Proenza Schouler PS1 Backpack.

Do I need to introduce the PS1 Collection? Nahh, I mean it’s the iconic of Proenza Schouler and even celebrities are loving it. This brand is excellent in crafting buckles, just like Mulberry (the Alexa Satchel Bag).

What I love the most is the spacious, this backpack has all the room you need – ideal for travelling, hiking or holiday, city tour, you name it. It can store your laptop, clothes and all your essentials.

For those who are interested, measuring 11.5’ x 7’ x 15’ (L x W x H), only in black.



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Gucci Bamboo Sac Backpack


gucci_bamboo-sac-backpack1If you’re all about the retro (and the small) as far as backpacks are concerned, the newGucci Bamboo Sac Backpack from the Cruise 2015 Womens Gucci collection might just be the answer. Measuring some 31 cm by 29 cm (I did say it was small), the full leather backpacks come complete with iconic bamboo accents, from a generously curved top handle to bamboo toggles that act as clasps for the backpack’s two front pockets.

gucci_bamboo-sac-backpack2Now available at your local Gucci boutique, it’s priced at USD2590 a pop, not bad for a bag that’s mostly leather. What’s more, the backpacks come in a great selection of fun colours, from Light Blue to Lilac to Rose Beige; it even comes in the bubblegum-like Raspberry Pink which is guaranteed to be a hit with the ladies.

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Backpack into the street shooting into a leader in the new darling of Chanel

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Since the rise of the movement of wind, backpack became a street shooting in the high visibility of a single product, and the leader is the graffiti Chanel bag, a high rate of appearance in the major show off site. Different styles of backpacks can be used with different shapes, look at these street beat up people you made it!




Chanel 2014 spring and summer fire graffiti canvas bag had to be a miracle of fashion circle. Although circles have evaluated this fusion of graffiti, tag, splash of color and other decorative details graffiti shoulder bag great artistic sense.




Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni original flat white dress with black boots Music Festival




But have to admit, hand bags this fall will actually take graffiti influx of people still make such a complex pattern stack chaos in the orderly, harmonious school.




The final blow to the creative mix and match the girl out of love! No adult fashion backpack fashioned traditional design, cartoon shoulder bag with more than a hint of difficulty is also a lot more color highlights.




The dazzling color MCM unusual cartoon shoulder bag, with not overly formal dress, easily upgrade styling creativity.



If you want to select pieces girls high utilization rate and do not worry about mistakes shoulders bag, then do not hesitate to quickly start a black spaghetti straps backpack!




Look just a casual plaid with a pair of black boots.




Look for the body’s sense of balance, unless you are born supermodel stature bag Size otherwise remember not too big to do.




Glossy texture to make the whole ride wearing highlight level, thin straps especially suitable clothing will not be too heavy in the summer and autumn, with casual casual outfit.




One can “see through” transparent shoulder bags, super fit simple outfit and early adopters willing daring girl child. Plastic materials so that you out to the streets in the rain is also still stylish.





Unique design perspective is not easy for you to find things, but all the decoration of the space to the heart of the water bag filled with children who object to is fragmented casual range of children!



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